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    Property damage

    Accordingly, all the individuals whose property have been damaged due to an act of god or by negligence on the part of construction companies can easily seek compensation. Consulting a licensed attorney prior to filing a property damage claim is the best option.The attorney can construct the case extremely beneficial for you and get the reimbursement of expences. See the below mentioned points prior to going ahead with the claim:

    • Insurance Policy and Coverages

      Insurance policies are different. They are used to hedge against the risk of financial losses caused by damages. An experienced attorney may ensure your best interests. Accordingly, the attorney may help you negotiate with the insurance company, file a lawsuit on your behalf and represent you in the court, if necessary.

    • Total Loss, ACV

      In case of real or personal property damage or a total loss, insurance companies should pay actual cash value of the property. Our experienced public appraisers will help negotiate your property ACV.

    • Cost of Repair

      If your vehicle is repairable, our property loss solicitor would ensure that the insurance company schedules the inspection of your vehicle to prorate the repair cost and storage fees they are required to cover.

    • Property Loss - Loss of Use

      The California law gives the right to file a claim due to damage to your personal property. Our experienced attorneys pursue insurance companies to indemnify for the loss of use.